Sons of Trump maga chapter shirt

Sons of Trump maga chapter shirt



This actually is not sponsored by the current administration. It’s one thing that Trumbo has not initiated. It is being pushed by the Mormon Church in Utah. Stewart is a Sons of Trump maga chapter shirt member who is doing the bidding for the LDS church management. It’s funny that it is only protected when it is Christianity, not any other religion or belief system. That’s not how it works. Y’all are always the first ones saying y’all are being discriminated against because your beliefs, but then y’all are also the first ones to discriminate against others. As a Christian, I see nothing wrong with a religious group not going against their beliefs to accommodate a group of people who don’t share the same beliefs. As far as the other two issues welcome to the new America everyone’s rights are being trampled on. Randy Hornbeck Jr The problem is we all fund those agencies through our tax dollars. So as long as the public funds it, religion stays out of it. Too bad for you. You could always move to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Randy Hornbeck Jr this is why we need and love the aclu.because some people still think they can hide their old worn-out thinking behind what they think is a religious principle. I believe the Bible says two men should not lay together pretty sure that goes for women to. So I don’t see how I’m not doing as Jesus would do. I have nothing wrong with homosexuals just don’t see how it’s right for them to push their points of view on everyone and not except other’s views. Randy Hornbeck Jr Perhaps it’s because they’ve had to “accept” throughout history that they are regarded as moral degenerates, treated poorly, and made to suffer accordingly in society. As a Christian, I believe we are to treat others as we wish to be treated, to love others as we love ourselves. Period. As someone who lives in a diverse, pluralistic society, I want civil rights for all. Period.


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