Songoku heroes shirt

Songoku heroes shirt



Our city is going to die without this much-needed revenue. Our industry is hospitality in Las Vegas. You can’t work from home with that. Even when they do reopen, people may be unwilling to travel and every single family in the Las Vegas Valley will suffer. The ones who get fired or laid off, the ones who work for small casinos that aren’t offering paid leave, the restaurant workers who aren’t making tips. This is crushing not to the corporations that will surely rebound undoubtedly with some government assistance, but to the people who can’t wait that long for that to trickle down. Monopoly money used in a game of life for the game of operation caused by the game of risk to play the game of trouble and end in a game of sorry money is a tool used to command us and control in masses secret organizations of the richest people in the world use money to manipulate what we are able to do as humans who are they to say they are of royalty or of better living doctors pharmaceuticals politics oils water rights the list keeps going we all see it just watch George Carlin he explains it all let’s stop these political runs and determine what is best for humans not because some senior official who can read from a paper he didn’t write himself. Willfully ignorant and utterly incompetent Mad Donald says ‘we’re doing great.’ Why can’t Trumpublicans just be suicidal all by themselves instead of forcing the American majority to follow them over the cliff? Biden did a solid job answering the questions
asked instead of the Songoku heroes shirt he wanted to answer as Bernie did. Clearly Biden is well prepared to respond to an immediate crisis while Bernie only wants to talk about his vision for the future. Biden is the one America can trust to do the work that needs to be done.


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