Sometimes I need to be alone and listen to Abba shirt

Sometimes I need to be alone and listent to Abba shirt



Tim Burley, You can have values and morals and not believe in any religion! Lots of Christians that act nothing like Jesus Christ or the Bible says they should. Sandy Lewis-Townsend Yes they do but unfortunately, some people pick and choose what they want to follow or enforce! I wish religions would learn that trying to force it down everyone’s throat does nothing but push people away. Yes, I worry about this in my community. New families, new students who don’t necessarily share the predominant religious views of their neighbors and peers. The leaders of so many “public” organizations continue to promote their own religious views and prayers. I know many folks/kids feel they can’t fit in at school, and with groups like Extension, 4H and FFA due to the pressure/expectations they feel to conform to the religious beliefs and practices of others. Melissa Harwin yes! My son wanted to do 4h. We are not a religious household. When we went to find out more information the office was decorated like an old catholic lady’s living room. I felt uncomfortable being there. We were told to wait a minute while the lady was on the phone. My son told me he wanted to leave before she finished her phone call. He told me in the car that he felt uncomfortable because of all of the crosses with Jesus on them. I have to admit I can understand having one, but 5 was a bit much for a room the size of a decent-sized walk-in closet. Can’t blame the kid for that. Abigail West, that’s a perfect illustration of the Sometimes I need to be alone and listen to Abba shirt – that the prevailing authority’s religious beliefs are shoved in a child’s face to the extent that dissonant beliefs deprive him of an opportunity that those who share the prevailing belief can access without discomfort. It would be so much more sensible to leave proselytizing out of it and create a welcoming environment for everyone.


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