Some girls wear pink real girls wear ink shirt

Some girls wear pink real girls wear ink shirt



They have no reason or business to be in schools. I graduated from high school in 1985 and my brother in 1989 and there were never police in schools because the law states that minors cannot be arrested because the parent is the ONLY legal authority over children, not some private company or the state. You do realize the teachers have declared themselves nonessential, they are bolstering homeschooling this giving Betsy DeVos what she wanted all along, to abolish the public education system. Soon they will all be out of jobs. Meanwhile, in other news, more people died from pneumonia last week than Corona and last year more kids died from the flu. The liberals are literally eating themselves. Def, not the Democrat party I grew up with. I don’t think removing school resource officers is a good idea. That said if a kid is disrupting class that is not why they are there. If a kid refuses to do their school work that is not why they are there. They are there for only one reason and it is a reason we should all hope never happens. Return power to the teachers and hold parents accountable for how their kids act in class. Joe McCrone Not the resource officer who stood outside during Parkland. Nor the officers who arrest students for minor discipline infractions. Funding counseling and mental health services will reduce the number of shootings police have to respond to. That’s the intent of defunding. To provide services that reduce crime, instead of cleaning up after it. Catlin Marchand as a libertarian I can say that 85% of what you said is false. Jo doesn’t want to end ALL social supports, just federal involvement in them. your taxes go farther at the state level than when they go all the way up to the federal level and trickle through bureaucratic layer after bureaucratic layer back to you. She wants to put the power back in the hands of the states because you know best for your state than someone across the Some girls wear pink real girls wear ink shirt from you, and there is far less waste that way.


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