Some girls go running and drink too much it’s me I’m some girls shirt

Some girls go running and drink too much it’s me I’m some girls shirt



My daughter told me yesterday about the celebration my response was it wasn’t a day for women, it was for white women. Women of color continued in the trenches oppressed by those very same women celebrating their right to Vote”. Remember that 50 years after getting the vote women could not get a credit card or a bank loan. They still aren’t equitably paid in most jobs. Bradley R Kirchmann also even though the voting rights act was passed Black people were intimidated and kept from voting in certain parts of the country anyway. Still are, except now they do it by making polling stations not accessible or removing them altogether from Black communities. It’s still happening. Just the tactics have changed. I know too many stupid people in my own family who refuse to vote because they incorrectly think that voting will lead to them getting jury duty. I’ve explained to them a million times that you get put into that pool regardless if you vote or not but you know how that goes. Anthony Gunn Under the law? Well, aside from the constant assault on their right to control their own bodies in case of pregnancy, (and you KNOW if guys got pregnant abortion drugs would be as available as Aspirin) there are the disparities that the law ignores. Women habitually get paid less for the same Some girls go running and drink too much it’s me I’m some girls shirt with the same responsibilities until VERY recently harassment complaints were ignored across almost all companies and industries, rape reports are STILL ignored, especially when the assailant is someone she knows. If you were walking down the street and somebody kicked the shit out of you, nobody would say, “yeah, but what was he wearing at the time?” If you met some cool people at a bar and they invited you to a party, and they proceeded to beat you within an inch of your life, there wouldn’t be a chorus of, “Oh, but he was asking for it by putting himself in that situation.” They would just be crimes in which you would be the victim, period. They certainly wouldn’t be a deep dive into your history to prove that, hey, you actually like being beaten up, and anyway, you took a boxing class so, ya know, what were these people who sent you to the hospital supposed to think? That you DIDN’T want to be beaten near death? You were asking for it, man.


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