Solteroski por si te gustoski shirt

Solteroski por si te gustoski shirt



Shawn Smith An embryo has no rights, I’m sorry that you think an embryo deserves more rights than born humans and that women should have fewer rights than a corpse. We get it, Hun, you despise women so badly that you think they don’t deserve human rights. Heard you loud and clear. Shawn Smith Go ahead and abandon your child, if that is your goal, happens every day in this country. You still have no say on whether a woman has a Solteroski por si te gustoski shirt. Abortion is a constitutional right, if you want to make deadbeat dads a constitutional right, go for it. I’m sure you’ll get LOTS of support for it. Shawn Smith once a child is born, both parents have an obligation to this living breathing independent person with rights. Comparing the two is completely disingenuous because they are not comparable. But good try. Shawn Smith Huh? Quit lying. I value all life, including women. You only value brainless embryos, and even then, you don’t care if the woman has prenatal care or food. You really should care about life more. So, tell me, why do you despise women so badly that you think they don’t deserve human and constitutional rights? Shawn Smith Embryos don’t deserve rights because they aren’t human beings yet. Human beings are defined by higher brain function and this occurs sometime after the third trimester at the earliest. Even if an embryo gained rights, it still wouldn’t have the right to live off the blood, organs, and body of other people without their explicit ongoing consent. You can’t give an embryo/fetus more rights than a born human. You’re even giving a corpse more rights than women. I get it, you’ve made it VERY clear that you don’t think women are human beings worthy of human rights. Thankfully those of us with morals disagree as doing science and the law. Shawn Smith Not sure why it’s convenient. It’s just the right way to live your life. Anything that is literally a part of my body I have control over. Once it is not a part of my body, it then controls itself. That’s pretty straight forward. I can’t imagine going through life thinking I should be allowed to make medical decisions for people other than myself.


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