Softball player 2020 quarantined shirt

Softball player 2020 quarantined shirt



Dumbest most insensitive response ever! Stop with the Obama crap. People are leaving their Softball player 2020 quarantined shirt of origin because trekking thousands of miles to this country was a worthwhile option. They don’t sneak in. They walked up to the entry gates and asked for help, which is LEGAL. The way they got here aside, NOBODY deserves to be put in ill-equipped concentration camps. So you go have a salt-laden V8. Obviously not the most intelligent on here, I’m starting to see why the conservatives think liberals are ignorant, and sadly I think often the conservatives are. Armie Jarel Since you are so fond of the law, I’m sure you are aware that applying for asylum is legal under both US and international laws. I’m sure you also know that separating families who are obeying the law and applying for said asylum is a crime. Seems like you might want to rethink your comments. Tell me how toddlers made life-changing decisions. Tell me you know just exactly what those people are going through as a result of OUR government. Tell me exactly what is wrong with seeking asylum when your life is in danger. Hoda Sondossi’s parents are responsible for a toddler’s decision. Those people knew there was a process to follow. And they deliberately drag their children through the desert risking their lives along with their children. There is nothing wrong with seeking asylum. But they still need to understand there’s a process to follow.



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