Socialism moochers electing looters to steal from producers shirt

Socialism moochers electing looters to steal from producers shirt



I would take a more nuanced approach. To say these bills criminalize “life-saving, best practice” medical care is just too much. Too obviously massively biased. Let’s look at each of these bills in detail, shall we? Probably a lot of them are pretty smart, reasonable bills for the most part. Maybe some of them go too far. Maybe there are some parts that should be amended or left out. This is not all black and white. There are two sides to this Socialism moochers electing looters to steal from producers shirt. David Feuer Well if you aren’t willing to discuss it then why would you expect anyone to try to reason with you? And, if some of the things they prohibit never happen anyway, then why would you be concerned about prohibiting them? Could you be more specific about what aspects you are talking about? I wish trans rights were a straight forward matter, where equality was easy to define. I’m one who wants to see trans people treated like every other person, with the same rights, freedoms, and responsibilities. But it’s not a simple problem of bigotry. Integrating trans athletes into existing divisions often means disadvantaging the trans athlete or the nontrans athlete. Ideally, this shouldn’t be a zero-sum game. Just as it would be sad to see trans athletes discouraged from participating in sports because of a lack of opportunity, it would also be sad to see biological females turn away from sports because their divisions are dominated by trans females. It shouldn’t come down to choosing which group you want to give preference to. That’s not equality. Not an easy problem, by any stretch. Pulling the suicide card, as ACLU is doing here, is really disingenuous and just plain morally wrong. If someone is contemplating suicide, they need psychological help. It’s dubious to say anyone in need of such acute help is mentally fit enough to consent to sex reassignment procedures in the first place, even putting age aside. And playing this card as you are ACLU, is contributing to suicide. By doing this you are normalizing it, promoting the idea it is a reasonable thing to do. This is incredibly irresponsible, unethical and dangerous.


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