So here I am doing everything I can shirt

So here I am doing everything I can shirt



Brandon Winningham, you’re painting a picture of me that isn’t accurate. I’m an atheist, I’m just not hostile to faith in general. Tolerance goes both ways. People invoking their own faith in a gesture of goodwill is not the same as someone trying to proselytize you. You made the choice to use it as an excuse to point out how you must be so much more enlightened relative to the person who commented in support of transgender individuals albeit in a way that doesn’t suit you personally. Evan Moss Quit telling lies and obfuscating the truth. Christians are doing real harm in this country, if that hurts your feels, take it up with them. We aren’t required to kowtow to those who use their religion to harm the rest of us. If they don’t like the generalization, then maybe they should hold their fellow Christians to a higher standard. Christians aren’t oppressed in this country. Kathryn Johanknecht Interestingly, “maybe they should hold their fellow Christians to a higher standard” is something I often hear rednecks in my town say in reference to Muslims. The motivating factors of religious intolerance interest me. Though it’s often hard for American atheists to gain perspective on that matter because of how saturated our culture is with Christianity. Resentment and disdain is a common outcome. Evan Moss The difference is, Muslims are actually oppressed in this country, Christians are not. If Christians didn’t actually oppress others, then I couldn’t care less. Your ASSumptions about me are invalid. Kathryn Johanknecht not all of us worship Trump and force our religion on others. We are also logical people who believe in Climate Change and Liberal Politics, including equality for ALL people, including people like our lesbian cousins and roommates. We’re not all hypocrites like Franklin Graham and Joel Osteen. Just like not all of us Liberals don’t want to “murder babies” and “destroy the real family unit” (supposedly the “Gay Agenda”, according to Dr. Dobson. All people on both sides of the aisle need to stop stereotyping and assuming all people are one way or the other are evil, hypocritical, stupid, or whatever. We need to realize that there are always groups of people within each group that are different than the So here I am doing everything I can shirt. Wishing you a Happy New Year


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