Snoopy Stay at home sleeping food wifi shirt

Snoopy Stay at home sleeping food wifi shirt



Can you not form a coherent sentence in English? Try Russian but I doubt that will help an illiterate racist Trumpsuck. You can’t spell, you can’t form a sentence and you can’t read. Even a fool would be embarrassed by your ignorance. But you are a Trumpsuck so get back on your knees and do what you do best Klan boy. Silly little Nazi democrat, you will never learn. When you started name-calling and not defending your point of view, Everyone knew you lost. You follow the playbook like a pro. So I wonder if you live in mommy and daddy’s basement deep in loans and no job skills. then if you wear a mask and attack folks who don’t kiss the democrats butt. Learn to think and not follow blindly the message of the democrat party. If you are going to use points against others make sure that they can’t be used against you for your side. Like Clinton and Obama DOJ clearing her when you complained about Trump DOJ clearing him. Learn to think when you are doing this and maybe you could have some fun exchanging ideas and thoughts without getting upset. I have no doubt whatsoever that from day one of this administration’ there has been a super and concerted effort to limit and limit access to Americans right and ability to vote. This pandemic is a godsend to them – playing out in various locations – and wait and see – nationally. Frankly, I don’t trust paper ballots would be counted either. No clue what the Snoopy Stay at home sleeping food wifi shirt is but voting has always been using it or certainly risk losing it. I never exactly imagined voting would actually be systematically TAKEN AWAY – til Trump. Sue the states wherein the states constitution can they lock u in your house for months and ruin our lives — how many of the 22 million jobs will come back? Are these states going to pay our bills for years? To destroy millions of people’s lives, have them lose their homes, etc is a laugh over a virus that will never go away – every year millions get the flu shot and up to 80K a year die of it in the US! The states must reopen and they must figure a way to make it work


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