Snoopy on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt

Snoopy on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt



Cole McMannus You have no idea how much it cost to cover the chain of appeals that are constitutionally mandated. It is much cheaper to keep them in prison and give them only enough to live on. Cole McMannus it’s far more expensive to execute a prisoner versus life in prison. Every state posts the economics of imprisonments. Do a little research and you realize that the numbers don’t support your argument. Stop the demand that others educate you! It’s your responsibility to research and educate yourself. The argument is based on the fact that those actually deserving it rarely gets it and the staggering number of innocent people in prison, death row and those who’ve actually been executed because guilt is not necessary to be convicted of anything in this country. We murder too many knowingly innocent people while killers roam free, plus we’re supposed to be better than them…They eat better than most people and the conditions include shiny floors. You don’t seem to know much about this. It depends on the prison really. Not all are abysmal, and the legal system doesn’t decide where a person serves the sentence ultimately; not all the time. Whatever the conditions, however, homicide is wrong–no matter WHO does the same IMO. Richard Smothers, I think you interpreted Chris’s comment as saying victims should be given a choice if the prisoner lives or dies. I think they meant the victim should have been given the choice to live by not being murdered. Dave – absolutely not. Every effort should be made to ensure that innocent people are not wrongly convicted, whether the Snoopy on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt is death or one year in county jail. But if they are guilty, I see no benefit to keeping them alive. Most of them cannot be rehabilitated. If you think prison changes a person for the better, ask someone who has done time what they think.


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