Snoopy nurse Corona shirt

Snoopy nurse Corona shirt



And that may be true in some cases. For one thing, not all states use the same drugs for lethal injection. I hope the ones that do have them, will make them available for a higher purpose. I personally do not want to be on a ventilator without these drugs. No, I’m a human advocating for fellow humans. Does the judicial process separate its targets from the human race in your moral compass? “Oh, the government decided to declare them ‘criminals’ so they don’t count as human to me anymore!” Is that where you’re coming from? They’d probably kill fewer people than would die (including people in the surrounding area, as well as prisoners themselves) as a result of a major outbreak in a large prison facility. We’ve got a fucking virus to worry about. Nothing else fucking matters at the moment, in case you hadn’t noticed. We can go back to the “punishing each other for crimes” thing later if those of us who survive the virus crisis even want to. (After maybe a hundred thousand of us die of the virus, those of us who remain might not have much taste for inflicting punishment upon one another). There are probably *some* people who do need to be incarcerated right now. However, given that the US imprisons its own people at ten times the per capita rate of most free nations (and six times the rate of China, and two and a half times the rate of Iran), we could easily release 80 or 90% of our prisoners. Lisa Ourada first, no one is in jail for pedophilia. People are in jail for child molestation or child pornography or child luring. The difference isn’t just a matter of pedantry: the law regulates our actions, not our thoughts. We shouldn’t get in the habit of imagining that it can or should regulate our thoughts. According to the Justice Department, about 234,000 sex offenders are in the care or custody of the justice system at any given time in the US. EVEN if that were considered as a fraction of the prison population (2.3 million), that’s about 10%. Note that (a) not all of those are rapists (there are states in which people who have consensual sex in a public place in which they are discovered are forced to register as sex offenders), and (b) since this is the number in the care or control of the justice system, it should be considered as a fraction, not of the prison population, but of the total population in the care or control of the justice system, which includes those out on parole awaiting trial, doing community service, etc. This population is closer to 7 million people, so sex offenders (including rapists, but also including benign offenders who committed victimless consensual acts) are about 3% of the total population of offenders. So again, while there may be people who should not be released right now, the knee-jerk reaction of setting policy for all prisoners based on the most egregious tiny subset is a poor one. I say again: most people imprisoned in the US are imprisoned for minor crimes, not major ones. I don’t support releasing every prisoner, but the Snoopy nurse Corona shirt could be released, and our incarcerated population would start to resemble, say, Canada’s, where prison really is reserved for the more egregious crimes.


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