Smoke Skooma Worship Daedra shirt

Smoke Skooma Worship Daedra shirt



I highly recommend listening to This Land podcast. It is extremely informative if you want to learn more about the case and the history. The myth of the peaceful Indian hanging on the plains smoking the peace pipe and making love with his woman is a myth. Tribes made war on other tribes and took slaves. They conquered and wiped out other tribes. You people live in a fantasy world. Loren Drzal The genocide you speak of was not caused by man, it was caused by disease. Do you feel its better for someone to live in poverty on a reservation or go out in the real world and become educated and get a well, paying job? Kevin Pettigrew Kevin, one would hope that in the few thousand years, humans have advanced beyond the practice of conquering everything possible and genocide to take what is not is theirs. The survival of the fittest was used initially to explain the Darwinian evolution of animals and plants. Actually the reality is survival to reproduce. Survival without reproduction is a dead end. Herman Frisbee’s old man says I shouldn’t make fun of others, while breathlessly in the next sentence, assumes I have a mental condition. I hope you understand how stupid that was. Richard R Sanborn, I too dislike the pro-life “Christians” who hypocritically do not support the strangers in their Smoke Skooma Worship Daedra shirt, as they are told to do in the Bible. On the other hand, I applaud the Christians who have raised a First Amendment freedom of religion defense when prosecuted for supplying water and food to the thirsty and hungry at our borders, as told to by Jesus. I’m aware of at least one denomination that purposely passed a resolution acknowledging it is their religious duty to provide sustenance to those in need, thereby bolstering the First Amendment defenses of any of their members who need to raise it. Real Christians are wonderful when you can find them.


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