Slipknot fuck corona shirt

Slipknot fuck corona shirt



Michelle Lung cancer isn’t real, why are you complaining about your parents dying from it? You fall for these lies Slipknot fuck corona shirt tell you and waste your money on it. Womp womp. The troll tries to look at my profile and all he found was this year’s charity fundraiser for lung cancer. Then he goes on a nutty attack praising the death of loved ones. I can’t imagine why we don’t take these confused idiots seriously. Where did I attack anyone? You need to calm down. You don’t know me but if you are the kind of person that laughs and celebrates the death of loved ones, and thinks that cancer is made up then I’m sure no one would cry over you if you kicked the bucket. I seem to see the same people supporting transgenders on each post. Considering it is hard to measure demographics of the gay or transgender community in general, I wonder if it is possible to get an accurate count of how many people actually believe that a transgender is the gender they claim. You come here telling everyone they’re sick. You’re the sick one. You need to calm down and get a life. Get off your high horse as if you wouldn’t celebrate the death of a trans person. Burn in hell bitch. You realize how crazy and ignorant your comments are? You don’t know what sarcasm is. Still waiting for you to post what I said that was an attack on trans. Instead, all your responses fall short. It’s like the lights are on but nobody is home. Discriminating against humans for things that have no impact on other people’s lives should be fought at every chance. Human beings deserve to be treated humanely.


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