Slap your local racist shirt

Slap your local racist shirt



This is illegal because it implies a person is guilty before he’s even been before a judge or a jury, and what court costs if a person has been falsely arrested or is innocent? Would you pay court costs for being innocent? And what say the bail bondsmen about this? How does this benefit their business? A few weeks ago in Chicago, a man jailed for brutally beating his wife was bailed out by a do-gooder group. He promptly shot his wife to death. Maybe the ACLU should bail him out and take him home with them. If he was an immediate threat to others, he should have been held with no possibility of release. ACLU wouldn’t argue that he should be released. Bail is not used to preventing people from harming others. It’s used to ensure that a person shows up for trial. Using bail to keep people from harming others is not what bail was designed for and is unconstitutional. Denna Jackson you can buy tampons at the commissary. I believe indigent inmates are provided with them as well, but it’s nuts that you need to use your commissary money on them in the first place. Jennifer Platt From what I hear they give you a very small number. I’ve never been in jail but I have been a menstruating woman and I am telling you what, I would go through 12 a day. Justin Bryan Zimmerman has had brushes with the Slap your local racist shirt for domestic violence, road rage, and stalking since he murdered Trayvon. Stand your ground laws have proved to provoke tragedies. If the case were retried today there would probably be at least a manslaughter conviction.


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