sk save the turtles and I oop shirt

sk save the turtles and I oop shirt



Susan Smith an impeachment in the sk save the turtles and I oop shirt is the equivalent of an indictment and as the saying goes. You can indict a ham sandwich. My point is that unless he is convicted in the senate it holds as much weight as an indictment on a person who is acquitted in a crime. That is if he gets a trial at all. Also nowhere in my posts did I insinuate race against all. Nice try. Just because you say I do doesn’t mean that I did. David Masters Omg! Y can’t you people research and comprehend it! Wth did all of you drop out or just never went? I’ll give this traitor one credit of truth! He said he loves the uneducated and it certainly is the truth! First and only truth he’s made! Lol, fact check/research and stop following comments! It’s best to lead / not follow! David Masters Then why weren’t they? The Republicans had all the power to impeach Obama but they didn’t. Please, lie to us some more. Kathryn Johanknecht u are a fucking troll. Go talk on say myspace because your Facebook game is weak. You haven’t a clue about reality as the rest of ur liberal faction hasn’t either. Your President has done what we ask of him. Terry Pike Jr You’re right though , the party of white supremacy elected someone that will do the bidding of the white supremacists and have implemented policies that inflicted human rights abuses on babies and children. The fact that you approve is disgusting. Derek Loren Nope, I have NO idea what you’re prattling on about. The courts have ruled that he has violated the constitutional rights of others. Have you read any of the court rulings? I’d cite them for you, but since you don’t read the source you troll, it won’t do much good. Cindy Hart Google it. They hide it now but before trump became president he and his sons bragged about all the money they got from Russia. It is known that the bank trump got his loan from was laundered money from Russia. Plus a lot of Trump’s property was sold to Russian oligarchs and laundered money. Look it up.


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