Single til I meet my equal shirt

Single til I meet my equal shirt



That upper-class spoiled woman, who has no background in education has no qualifications to be Sec of education, education for everyone is set forth in the Constitution. Which is a document I doubt she has read? It is disgusting the lengths with which Trump and his minions will go to discourage people from getting a proper, healthy education. Victims of assault are less likely to continue their education if they know the environment is not safe for them, and we know how Republicans love the poorly educated. My heart goes out to the survivors of such abuse that Betsy is allowing to go unchecked. Of course, students deserve due process. But the law does more than giving the accused an opportunity to speak. “It means that a university can ignore a report of an assault that occurred in off-campus housing — where the majority of college students live “allows colleges to ignore reports of assault or harassment unless they are made to the “right” official. {It excludes coaches}. “For 25 years, the federal government has defined sexual harassment as “severe, pervasive, or objectively offensive” conduct based on sex. ED is now redefining harassment as “severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive” conduct.” Nobody is precluded from filing a claim of sexual assault through legal channels. That’s the Single til I meet my equal shirt set up to administer justice fairly. Now, before you say it, I know the legal system isn’t perfect, but it’s more capable than schools to handle these matters. Michael Rebmann I haven’t read enough on the issue to discuss, however, given the administration it comes from, it is logical to suspect it is a backward move. I will pay attention to keeping an open mind as I read. Where is the all-powerful ACLU fighting for the American Citizens during this pandemic? We are having our civil liberties trampled daily by power-hungry politicians! You seem to be giving that a good leaving alone! Guess it doesn’t fit your political agenda


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