Sick and Tide of Corona virus shirt

Sick and Tide of Corona virus shirt



Why does the ACLU suddenly trust Trump and refuse to criticize his response to this crisis? Why have you said nothing about Bill Barr trying to suspend habeas corpus or any of these huge lockdowns all over the country that go beyond what experts advise? I’ve been trying to enlighten the ACLU about the human rights issue of mandatory vaccines, but it’s always greeted with a very unprofessional response, definitely devoid of and dignity. Maybe if someone from your organization would take a minute and read this, which pertains to the current virus, and know there are already warnings from other scientists and doctors about the fast-tracking of a covid vaccine, just maybe some sense can be obtained. Mike Moore since we don’t have test kits we can not identify a cluster and isolate only those people. Since there are not enough masks and gowns we will soon have a lot of health care providers sick. We don’t have enough respirators for the coming surge. It seems obvious that if the money goes to families and communities it will be spent promptly and corporate America will get it all soon enough. That’s not what I asked. Just like violating the fourth at the Sick and Tide of Corona virus shirt, the constitution should never be suspended due to ‘safety’. Again, I’m not saying assembling is a good idea. It is dangerous for everyone. I’m asking about the constitutionality of not allowing it. Loren Drzal A clear imminent and immediate threat is a threat that is likely to happen at any minute. Think of a building that may have a bomb or there is a fire. You can’t shut an entire state down. If the ACLU was worth their salt, they would organize a rally and defy these orders. Let the police arrest and fight. The won’t. The organization has turned into nothing but a liberal organization that is fine with gov’t force as long as it is a force they want. Where have all the good liberals gone?


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