Should’ve walked me shirt

Should’ve walked me shirt



Joshua Scott Also are you aware that a bunch of states has codified legal abortion into state constitutions? You seem to be a states’ rights kind of guy. So in our state, it will always be legal, very hard to overturn. So if women can afford to come here, they’ll get safe legal medical care. If they can’t afford to and it’s illegal in their state, they suffer. Get it? Hunter Weaver I’m NOT going to tell my husband who fought for my rights that some strange religious kid who thinks I shouldn’t have those rights said hi on FB. Laura Markowicz calm down he said politely that he appreciates that he puts his life on the line for someone that believes something different and to tell him to thank you for he does. Joshua Scott Calm down, women will have abortions legally and safely because it’s the law. Thanks for mansplaining his comment and my reaction and that of my own husband to me BTW that was super helpful. You’re afraid your gun rights might be taken away, but advocate to take away women’s rights to make choices about their bodies and this doesn’t strike you as hypocritical at least? Kashif Muhammad Also, it doesn’t fit the Should’ve walked me shirt of the murder. Murder doesn’t equate to ending another’s life. If that were true, you could say that deciding to pull the plug on a loved one is murder. For death to be murder, there has to be an element of hatred and cruel intent. The only differences between pulling the plug on a loved one and ending a pregnancy is that 1) One is a fully formed being who has been born for a long time and the other is not and has not been, at any stage of development, dependent on itself and 2) One is dependent on a machine and the other is dependent on another living person (who has their right to bodily autonomy as well as the unborn). Even if you consider an embryo/fetus to be alive (a debatable matter depending on different definitions of life) a person relying on a machine to continue life is alive and yet that life-ending does not constitute murder. Why? Because simply life being ended by another doesn’t equate to murder.


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