She’s eating for two I’m drinking for three shirt



Kristina Johnson Ruling in favor of the firing for religious reasons would be in violation of the 1st Amendment. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. This shouldn’t even be going as far as it is with how clear cut it is. It’s the civil rights act title 7 we are working with here. It’s a consolidated case for oral arguments with Bostock v Clayton county. The legal question is whether sexual orientation is part of the protected class Sex under this act. The boss said that Don had a husband and not a wife and I immediately closed the She’s eating for two I’m drinking for three shirt and this made me feel upset and wanting to post one star because of this incident. We can have our lives with a male and female. But people don’t care about it because they see it as a virus and should be eliminated from the planet. Kristina Johnson, which Jesus would that be? The white Republican jesus who condemns Brown People, LGBTQ People, and those who have sex outside of marriage? Or the real Jesus in the Bible of Middle Eastern Descent who loved and helped everyone regardless of who they loved or how often. He was not worried about those things because it’s not His business: nor is it yours. YOU need to find Jesus your own self. Just yesterday my employer had a bunch of health-related vendors on-site as part of our annual open enrollment. One of them was the local blood bank. When I explained to my boss and a few others in the crowd that I have to closet myself or lie about my sexual activity to donate, they had no idea. “Perpetually” is so very true.


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