Sexual tyrannosaurus shirt

Sexual tyrannosaurus shirt



It’s far harder to tamper with millions of people voting from their homes than it is to tamper with voting machines in centralized polling locations. Plus it’s pretty obvious when a mark’s been changed, far more so than if it’s done on a machine with no paper trail. Brendan Gillis, are you a complete brain dead fucking moron? The reason this country is so fucked up right now with its piss-poor handling of this epidemic is that a giant asshole got elected. And if he had his way, he’d stay there permanently, so pull your fucking head out of your ignorant ass and wake up to how critical it is to preserve our voting rights or get the fuck out of the Sexual tyrannosaurus shirt. So how safe does anyone imagine it is for people to be passing paper, physical ballot access petitions around, asking folks to sign them? In Illinois, third party and Independent candidates have been barred BY STATE ELECTION LAW from petitioning until tomorrow, and we have to gather 25,000 valid signatures in 90 days, and more like 50,000 to ensure our petition isn’t invalidated. We have not been given any reprieve or relief from these requirements, and now we face the impossible task of trying to preserve our First and Fourteenth Amendment right to participate in the electoral process, while also trying to protect the health and safety of both petitioners and the general public. This is a disaster for both free and fair elections and public health. I agree that every American should be able to vote by absentee Ballot in 2020’s Primary and in 2020’s General Election And that people in nursing homes should get their ballots in time for them to be mailed and ARRIVE at their destination Before The Deadline! Last time mine probably didn’t! No, I’m not. Only an idiot would defend a broken system and call it “much Constitution”. The Founding Fathers failed at founding a country. Why should we have to pay for their mistakes?


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