Sewing is my superpower essential Covid 19 shirt

Sewing is my superpower essential Covid 19 shirt



Jordan Araiza Dude, you haven’t established that there IS at-the-polls voter fraud, as most cases of voting irregularity do not take place at the Sewing is my superpower essential Covid 19 shirt. That’s your first hurdle. And since you missed it the first time I corrected you, Dems don’t fight against voter ID. They rightly point out when it’s used to cull certain voters, like the example of Alabama I already provides, or the gun license vs student ID example. Do you know what the Paradox of Tolerance is? The simple explanation is that it’s not intolerant to not tolerant intolerance I others. In other words: racism isn’t the act of pointing out racism in someone else. Racism is the act of BEING racist. You used just a fuck of a lot racist dog whistles in your zeal to shit on poor people. So if hounding wants to be accused of being racist, don’t say racist shit. Exactly the same way in Alaska – I injured my right hand in the last election so my signature was off I received a letter that my ballot was declined. I had to go down with ID and prove that it was me. Vote by mail is a safe period. I was done talking to you, but I will answer this last one. Dems block voter ID, show me any initiative on their part to allow it. It is harder to commit fraud in person, but it does happen. Even with ID laws it could still happen in partisan precincts, with no oversight. East St Louis IL, is a prime example. St. Clair County IL has an election board, but they pay for a separate board in ESL. The county is done and tabulated by 8 pm. If a democrat candidate is losing, by midnight the ESL numbers come in with just enough votes to cover the differences to keep Dems in charge. They had a write-in campaign for mayor there, all of the write-ins were in the same handwriting of 4-5 individuals, from precincts all over the city. No one ever arrested. But they do catch them occasionally. Goddamn, dude. I’m getting tired of repeating myself so please pay attention this THIRD TIME I say this. Dems oppose harsh voter ID laws that seek to disenfranchise certain voters. That’s not opposing voter ID generally. It’s like when Alabama passed strict voter ID requirements and then shut down 60% of the DMV offices in the state. That’s not opposing voter ID, and if you’d pull your head out of your ass long enough to get some fresh air you’d be able to understand that. They also aren’t opposing voter ID when they say if a gun license is an acceptable ID, then so should be a student ID. But please, keep posting articles that state the number of people who support voter ID like you think I’m arguing against that. Since you’ve found a sudden love affair with googling, google Dunning Kruger, because you could be the poster man-child. FYI this latest article does not address at-the-polls voting fraud that would be affected by voter ID requirements. You get that, right? Or are that completely ignorant of your own damn argument? So why are you pushing voter ID like it’s some panacea to voter fraud, which when it occurs WHICH IS EXTREMELY RARELY is not at the polls? Oh, and still waiting on that citation about more Dems committing more voter fraud.


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