Scott Schrute 2020 that’s what she said shirt

Scott Schrute 2020 that’s what she said shirt



Yeah, don’t trust the government just the big Corporations that already have this technology and are using it to spy on everybody – including the government. Big Brother is not Government it is Big Business. They’ve been using AI in Afghanistan and Iraq for a long time. It’s was only a matter of time before they use it here. Remember that series “Person of Interest”? That show was spot on. That’s ignorant. There are myriad examples of technologies that exist but we do not deploy on any kind of large scale. We can know how to make a camera that uploads the video to the cloud where it can be parsed by big data AI’s to extract all kinds of private information. That DOESN’T mean we have to put one on every street corner in the country. You are conflating Scott Schrute 2020 that’s what she said shirt of new technologies (which is going to happen) with the deployment of new technologies (which may or may not happen). We have the technology to make nuclear bombs, is that a justification to use them? We started sacrificing our privacy to Big Brother when the Patriot Act passed, facial recognition is a continuance of that invasion on our rights. You guys are confusing me identifying this inevitability with me condoning it. I never said that it was the just and moral thing to do. Rest assured, in time it’s coming to the major cities and transport hubs… You’ll see. The right doesn’t want Cuba or Venezuela. They call those countries Socialist. Cuba went from being a colony of Spain to dictatorship after the other. 61 years under the “Communist” system that is so far from the ideals of Communism and/or Socialism. It is a dictatorship since its independence from Spain. China has the facial recognition system in place already for a few years. That is repression and dictatorship too. China isn’t communist either, it has been a dictatorship since Mao Tse Tung. Careful for what you ask for.


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