Schrute farms bed and breakfast shirt

Schrute farms bed and breakfast shirt



Steve Pest What choices? Have you been paying attention? Black and Brown People and the poor are targeted by law enforcement and given hefty fines for minor violations or given heavy fines for bogus violations. There have been enough studies by different agencies to substantiate these claims. Even former cops are starting to speak out. Second. Many fines that lead to the loss of driver’s licenses are parking, not moving violations. The rich own the parking structures around places where the poor need to go. They charge $1.20 to $1.50 every 10 to 15 minutes. A poor person visiting a doctor, for example, has no choice in that. Then the city limits the time one can park on the street around these areas (I wonder who had a choice in that). If they get a ticket and the fines are not paid, the fees double then triple. The poor don’t have a choice or say in the matter. Some Cities tow their Schrute farms bed and breakfast shirt for parking longer than 72 hours in one place. They don’t have garages like the wealthy. If they get sick and have the flu, many cities can and do confiscate their cars? How can they get to work? And getting it back can run two weeks’ pay at minimum wage. What choice is there in that? The rules are stacked against them. They pay more, are policed more, and are punished more. You really need to educate yourself on these injustices against the poor and minorities in this country. I’m surprised anyone gets out of poverty at all. That’s why must don’t. Mike Morrison most big cities are liberal. Why is it up to the GOP to solve your Klan transit problem? I get it that you are so ignorant and redneck you don’t realize you are the klan party.


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