Schitt’s Creak shirt

Schitt’s Creak shirt



You might just as logically — or more logically, really — go to the NRA’s Facebook page and ask them why they don’t do more to support the right of black men to not be summarily shot to death by police based on mere fear that “he could have a gun”. Defending the right of law-abiding men, like Philando Castile, to not be killed for merely having a licensed gun in their Schitt’s Creak shirt is absolutely a part of “supporting the second amendment” too. A very intellectually lazy and cowardly response. YouTube is a means of sharing information. It’s not a source within itself. The information presented in the commentary is the official FBI, CDC, DOJ statistics for violent crime and police shootings by race. You know you’re wrong. Checkmate! March. Please watch the video I posted. The overwhelming amount of police shootings are against WHITE citizens. The Philando Castille case was unfortunate. He was high on marijuana and that probably contributed to him ignoring the Hispanic police officers’ commands 3x to NOT reach for his weapon. Which led to the Hispanic police officer becoming alert and shooting Castille. I’m not being aggressive and I’m not being an ass. Letting you know that you shouldn’t be doubting a data analysis and that it’s dismissive to believe that racism could be that rampant is necessary. You need to think about what you say and how you say it, it matters. If you insist on centering your feelings in a conversation about racism and the problems it presents, then you’re putting your own feelings ahead of those directly impacted by the very racism you allege is concerning. If you’re actually interested in the issues, stop centering your feelings and ego in the conversation.


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