Santa’s favorite bartender shirt

Santa’s favorite bartender shirt



We need extensive immigration reform now, a migrant workers program with faster, cheaper, and more streamlined processing of those seeking legal work in the US. We need to do something to disincentivize illegal immigration without putting the lives of Americans or those desperately seeking a better life at risk. If we did this, a fence wouldn’t even be needed and we could save the estimated 20 billion that it will take to build. What else could we do with 20 billion? This number doesn’t even figure in the cost of maintaining and patrolling it every year. John Thomas MILLIONS of jobs being lost to automation, AI and Robotics..for which millions of low-skilled immigrant labor is useless and obsolete, and whatever jobs will be left for our blue-collar Americans will have to compete for jobs, political power, and resources with these swarms of non-English speaking low skilled immigrant masses. This is a recipe for civil and economic collapse. So sad that so many people think it’s funny that drugs and crime are coming into this Santa’s favorite bartender shirt. You better pray one of your family members doesn’t become a comical part of this mess. Maria Poutous Grancio, no, brain trust, I mean a site that actually specializes in those categories of statistics. Show me those stats, and we’ll talk. The one you used is two steps shy of Breitbart. She takes the word of a man who thinks the Canadians burn down the White House and thanks we had airports during the Revolutionary War so I’m pretty sure you’re trying to reason with someone who isn’t all there. Maria Poutous Grancio, all that does is connect me to ICE. You’ve yet to present any evidence that violent illegals are intentionally released simply because they’re illegals. Not even in your right-wing source.


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