Santa claus isn’t coming Jesus Christ is shirt

Santa claus isn’t coming Jesus Christ is shirt



What an ignorant comment. People don’t need to provide one-to-one accommodation to these other people, but we can pool our resources to treat them like human beings. Bill, there are 3 million empty houses in America and 2 million homeless. We could give every single asylum seeker their own private McMansion, and still have enough to end the homeless crisis in one day. But, old white dudes would scream “socialism” while cheering on an elderly reality TV star who hasn’t paid taxes in 20 years. Bill Slusser exactly. I lived in the US Mex border and was made a widow by wide-open borders. Let them camp in your yard. I’ve had five hundred runs they mine, no thanks. We let this happen by neglecting our borders. So every unvetted human from Africa Asia S and C America comes here to live. Yes, it’s a better life. But just letting everyone march in is insane. Statistically, we take in many people from all places on Earth. If you want to help go sponsor a Santa claus isn’t coming Jesus Christ is shirt. Take your chances. Deborah, they can have their own houses. They can have any of 100,000 houses completely empty in Detroit or any of the abandoned McMansions on my street. Better them than some republican who’s just going to vote for another failed reality tv star. Phillip, I imagine that you don’t have any friends that had to wait years to get out their savage, gang run, home towns. Nobody is making up the life and death choices to flee that many people with nothing are making. Depending on what decade, which President, and on and on and on certain refugees have been granted entry. Refugee being much different than anyone simply seeking a better life here. Frankly these days the Bullshit seems to be coming from our own people.


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