Sam and Dean for president winchester 2020 shirt

Sam and Dean for president winchester 2020 shirt



Alfred Milligan Following their Sam and Dean for president winchester 2020 shirt gives them cause to successfully argue in court that you consented to the search. And if the court finds that you consented to the search, then you don’t have your ability to fight it in court. In Michigan where we have a long Canadian border, the agents are at the public docks and question everyone getting off their (small) watercraft on the Detroit River. It’s truly weird and kind of unsettling. We just cut it off by saying we are US Citizens and they leave us alone. This is fine when on a bus full of 50 witnesses. I don’t recommend it when you’re alone though. A good way to get beaten and/or shot by the officer. Keith LaBaw you go live on Facebook and stand up, and use your whiteness as your shield to more vulnerable people. This is for how yt ppl can help the vulnerable, Keith. We already know how to get shot by police, but thanks for the words of caution. Jeremy Constancio excuse me for butting in, but I think he means that nowadays what you’re saying is true. Unless someone sees these oppressors doing something, it’s like it never happened. Robert Jones yes, I’ve been detained because according to the CBP I encountered they accused me of being an illegal alien and they told me that California is an imaginary state. Like I wish I was kidding. My dad who is white had to rescue me because I was this teenage girl that was illegally being detained and harassed by two white supremacists CBP creeps. And that was 1994 so I’m worried about hearing how CBP has gotten worse. But basically it was really scary that I was illegally detained by CBP for being part Asian/European American and those two CBP being all how Americans are only supposed to be white and therefore I had to be lying about my citizenship and being born in California which according to them did not exist. That’s messed up and racist.


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