Salty Lil’ beach shirt

Salty Lil’ beach shirt


Efrem Jasso, you try to sound smart but you are just a troglodyte. The fact that you are so eager to follow, just shows how completely clueless you are. I didn’t serve in the military for 9 years just so stupid pansy people like you who want the government to run your life, just because you don’t have one. There’s a document on Prime called The Origin of AIDS that throws out a theory that might be worth a thought or two as dumpster puts the “RUSH” stamp on a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. Jeanette Pryor one does not need to exercise intelligence to tell another to go fuck themselves. That’s simple logic–but that’s apparently beyond your limited comprehension. However, if you wish for me to eloquently convey the veracity of my thoughts on your intellectual pap, you’d be more prone to getting hit by a bus than for me to waste any more mental energy on your right-wing mental diarrhea. Have a day, Karen. I don’t have to prove anything to you.” You might not, but it wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t mistake minor inconvenience for “totalitarian nightmare.” If you want to worry about that, go pay attention to the orange turd in the White House. What a bunch of whiny bullshit. I’d suggest you look into alternative solutions, but Randian libertarians prize selfishness above all else. There are so many statists in full support of incarcerating people who choose to do business peacefully, it’s kind of insane. Pretty sure the ACLU has nothing to do with Liberty at this point. In a critical victory for our privacy, the Senate has overwhelmingly passed changes to our surveillance laws that will help ensure that government claims made to a secret intelligence court do not go unchecked. Today’s vote shows that a Salty Lil’ beach shirt of senators agree that what we do online should not be subject to warrantless surveillance. It’s past time for Congress to make this clear in our laws.


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