Salt mage pure white salt shirt



He donates to the swamp, but he still isn’t truly a part of it. I’m waiting for a bigger fish to fry. As of now, still not a single ounce has drained from the swamp. This is kids that did this! We are talking about 13 years old. They did a terrible thing and they should pay for it, but at such a young age I don’t know they fully understood their actions. My heart hurts for their parents too, for they will see their children go through hell at such a young age. This is really sad! We need to teach our kids that there is a consequence for their actions. Whether it’s good choice or bad choice. We need to make it clear, give them examples, remind them daily. Awful comments for a tragic situation. The totality of the situation has not been released because of their ages but the issue has polarized the community. It will forever change the lives of all the families involved. A teen is dead, his family generously donated his organs and two other teens are now having to live with the deadly consequences of their actions. It’s a sad, sad situation. Beyond tragic. We have bred an entire generation of desensitized kids. Sadly its gonna continue and get worse. The only thing they are truly concerned about is their two minutes of social fame, no matter how they get it. Mean parents raise mean kids and unfortunately, the Salt mage pure white salt shirt doesn’t practice what they preach about bullying. My guess is this isn’t the first time this young man was bullied. So sad


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