Run away shirt

Run away shirt



Loren Drzal due process shouldn’t be feared so much then if it’s that straight forward? Shows a lot seeing how people call it simple yet don’t seem to get that the Run away shirt has laws and due process. Not saying your wrong they could be here illegally but even rapists get a day in court. You would think following laws already in place would be more straight forward but that’s me stopping to think and not just react out of racism. Loren deal poor boy. Ice looks for criminal illegals but since you don’t cooperate and release them, that means ice had to go looking. Where do illegals live? Around other illegals. So ice goes looking for a guy you released and he’s near, living with, etc 3 others. They get caught while looking for the guy you released. If you had cooperated 3 others would be free. But liberals hurt those they pretend to help. And no, the case was not about not getting a fair hearing. Implied, true, but no support. It was about bail. And meeting the burden of proof. My logic chain works, but if you can poke a hole in it go for it. Hard to tell, maybe if there was a system of I dunno, courts, to figure out if they are “illegal” or not. Maybe those courts should be set up in a way that complies with the Constitution, the purported “Supreme law of the land”. I dunno, maybe that could work, huh. Or do we just allow the government to ride roughshod over everybody’s rights? Brendan Gillis, They are irrelevant because the constitution doesn’t make any designation about whether these rights are applied differently to non-citizens. You want the designation, but for no other reason than for your own agenda.


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