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Run AFC shirt

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Our “justice system” is designed to maintain are very unfair power structure. Celebrities carry pot in their purse and nothing happens. Black families are destroyed for less than half of the Run AFC shirt. It won’t change unless we the people demand real justice for everybody. to start with end plea agreements, this will take stress off the court system that is badly needed while lowering the population of people held, second do away with Probation and Parole. The way the system is now is not the way they had intended it to be. right now States Attorney’s will dump a load of charges on a person knowing they could never get a conviction on 99% of them even if the person is guilty, this forces the Defendant to take a Plea deal. At the same time Judges will Convict a person and Sentence a person giving them “example” 10 years knowing the person will get out in 3 years on Parole. In relation to Probation this is just a system for them to hire more government employees it does not punish a person or deter crime, in most cases the person still goes to jail. In short if a Person commits a crime, charge them with that crime, if the State has the Evidence to take it to court fine do so stop wasting Tax Dollars filing cases they would never win in the first place. When a person is found Guilty punish them. when this person has paid his/her debt to society set them free.


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