Rock Paper Scissors Gun I win shirt

Rock Paper Scissors Gun I win shirt



I read the court proceedings. It’s a close call because the Rock Paper Scissors Gun I win shirt also states it can be disruptive to a company by having an employee who has been a man for 6 years suddenly say he is a woman & using the women’s employee bathrooms. Other employees could feel uncomfortable. BTW, does anyone know if someone else has picked her up as an employee? It sounds like she was pretty good at a job that demands tact and good interpersonal skills. Someone will be lucky to have her. Glenn Drawdy – How does a person’s decision to live as they are most comfortable, while not damaging or endangering anyone else, rate as something you even get to have an opinion on? Where does their freedom infringe on yours? Glenn Drawdy you mean it’s “too broad” for YOU because it makes it impossible for you to stand on a “righteous” soapbox and be a bigot at the same time. At least be honest about being a small-minded piece of shit, that’d be more respectable if only slightly. Who needs professional help? People filled with so much ignorant prejudice and fear that they want to deprive others of their basic right to exist freely? Or the people who are simply existing? Personally knowing, and being related to actual transgender people, I can tell you that the denial of their right to live as they choose, though they are hurting no one, is the illness. Denial of their rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is just plain wrong. It’s always funny when people say this considering the fact that most of the medical and mental health community including the APA support transgender people and also support the transition.


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