Rock Paper Scissors Galick Gun shirt

Rock Paper Scissors Galick Gun shirt



Josie Maymon It cost more for capital punishment than a life sentence. Thanks for wasting my tax dollars on a barbaric punishment where other nations will not extradite criminals because of it. I am very curious about the whole “God thinks a two day old zygote is a human life, therefore it must be protected at all costs” demands from “Christians” and yet they are the loudest at calling for executions, and war, and excusing the genocide being committed against children at the border. . Do they not understand that the ‘sanctity of life’ is a concept that includes all life.. and they don’t get to decide which life God is most concerned about… because once you make exceptions, then it becomes about controlling women’s lives, and nothing more. It’s my right to have my own opinions, and support or oppose what I choose. Just like you. Murdering people as a punishment for murder doesn’t even make sense. The fact remains that innocent people have been convicted and executed. The lucky ones were exonerated and freed. That’s what makes it wrong. The US incarcerates more people than any other Rock Paper Scissors Galick Gun shirt. If you look at any incarceration statistics there’s an overrepresented number of black and brown people and folks mentally ill incarcerated. Our country also penalizes poor people and often they sit in jail months and months without a court date. Statistically black and brown people serve harsher sentences for the same crimes white people commit. All of these facts are true and easily researched at your fingertips. So you are my friend who has no clue what you are talking about and should do some research before you shoot your mouth off. But not incarcerating increases it. And rehab programs tend to be ineffective. So what’s the solution? California is proposing to house the homeless in shelters. That they are forced to use and can not leave without permission. Maybe we could copy that. Just use shelters.


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