Rick Sanchez Cat Wubba Lubba meow meow shirt

Rick Sanchez Cat Wubba Lubba meow meow shirt




The United States displays evidence of racism regularly. But so many of us are blind and deaf to it. Slavery was theoretically abolished in 1865, yet to this day, racism rules our thinking. It is here, every day and everywhere. In Canada, there are 34 acceptable forms of id, including credit cards, rent receipts, their equivalent of our social security card, government documents, the electric bill, etc. That is because they are trying to make it easier for people to vote, not to suppress the vote. You literally can’t do anything in this world without an ID. Also, the whole point is to block illegal aliens from being able to access benefits and voting and everything else that Democrats are trying to provide them. The few cases of voter fraud in the last elections would not have been prevented by IDs. And, your claim is that it is needed to prevent undocumented people from voting is utter nonsense. Herman Frisbee, I am not sure why you think your experience somehow negates reality. Your argument is absurd. The fact is that in AL, the offices for IDs were closed in the so-called black belt. You cannot insist on IDs and close these offices, unless, of course, the goal is voter suppression. Christine Brannon-Miles, there is one state where early voting the Sunday before the Rick Sanchez Cat Wubba Lubba meow meow shirt was eliminated because black churches had a tradition of voting on that day. Frisbee can’t see- he is obviously blind. Diane Hooker under President Trump we have the lowest unemployment rates for blacks and other minorities in decades. And the lowest black poverty rate, to boot. They vote for Democrats. And likely will in the near future. By your “logic,” if anyone needs literacy tests it is them. They will undoubtedly vote for Sanders – or whichever loser the Superdelegates select. Totally against their own interests.


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