Resting grinch face shirt

Resting grinch face shirt



Tonie Greve, can you point me to your source of that statistic? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but sources do matter when there are well-documented statistics that undocumented immigrants commit less crime than native-born citizens. It is time to vote Democrat-rats out of office. Democrats are not to do people’s work but to play politics and stay tuned for the next election. Trump is the first president since JFK to champion for the people, to close the border. Democrats simply don’t like Trump to succeed. People like Trump, that give them jobs, are the Resting grinch face shirt. Obama and Biden decreased illegal immigration for seven straight years. This is the worst year for illegal immigration since 2007. Spending 38 million a day on housing and feeding them, and billions in a useless wall. This is idiocy. Jeffrey Paul haha, I get this a lot when you fail to answer the questions. you put out the babble to avoid answering them. So, with not one single prediction ever coming true, that lends more credibility to my position than yours, so call me in 12 years when none of these AOC predictions have come true either. you people never learn. the proof is in the results, and the results say the man isn’t the cause of climate change, period- and nothing you say changes those facts! Five minutes on any legitimate science site would debunk 99% of the crap you deniers posted on this thread. If it’s all a hoax then finding peer-reviewed papers instead of articles from conspiracy sites that misrepresent actual peer-reviewed findings should be rather easy. Since I’ve done my due diligence and already looked you’ll forgive me for not waiting for you to post a legitimate source. Philip Justice adds the volcanic eruptions along with man’s disruptions and you have an accelerated deterioration generating more CO2. Climate change is more than the emissions emitted. It is the toxins and chemicals released by companies etc


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