Resident evil social distance training since 1996 shirt

Resident evil social distance training since 1996 shirt



Speaking as a trans woman, you’re wrong. There is no significant difference between cis women and trans women after hormone replacement therapy. Furthermore, trans women have been competing with cis women for years and are not overrepresented in winning championships. Laura Wallace children should not be transitioning on hormones period. I personally know that not every teen that believes they are a boy trapped in a girl’s body actually turns out to be trans. And not every lesbian is actually one, but could very well turn out to be trans. Testosterone gives far too great of an advantage in many sports, and that is in no way fair or equal. Medical science has proven that Testosterone can greatly affect performance. Sorry if that hurts feelings but fair is fair. Her choice has consequences. If she still has a passion for it after having been on hormones for 5 years, she can always try in college, there are marathons, and walk/run events for worthwhile charities. Kids need to hear the word “no” more often, this is ridiculousness. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Cosigning anyone to untreated gender dysphoria is cruel and inhumane. The other thing you fail to recognize is that kids have rights, specifical teenagers above the medical age of consent who has the right to make their own medical decisions. Excluding some women and girls from sports or not only unfair but also fucking ILLEGAL in taxpayer-funded education and sports programs under Title IX. With the Resident evil social distance training since 1996 shirt destroying our civil liberties right now with the lockdowns/shutdowns, why on earth would you want them to have this power? Can you even trust such a government to even give someone a truly fair trial? Killers don’t “live their lives,” they go to prison. And far too many innocent people are killed only to be posthumously exonerated, without a chance to be released and live out their lives. Even one innocent person dead is a crime. The death penalty’s only purpose is vengeance when our focus should be on rehabilitation for those who can get it, and keeping dangerous people away from the general population otherwise.


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