Reese’s make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt



I hope she understands the responsibility she has to live up too. Stay in church young lady and the wisdom of the words from God will guide you to a blessed life. Prayers for Cyntoia Brown. Kelly Brown, it says VERY little about Brown’s feelings/plans/life post-release, which is what the article purports to be about. Instead, the writer chose a couple of generic snippets and then chose to end the article by outlining the crime which gave rise to her conviction, ending on the alleged taking of the wallet. It’s lazy and sloppy writing which does not even attempt to fairly recount the history OR highlight her plans for the future. There’s a video too. It doesn’t give a whole lot more, but it does have a statement from her. She says she wants to work with young girls to make sure they don’t end up having to go through what she did. During my big mission for Australia in 2014, my phone was chipped and had an encrypted app that I was using to send back the IP addresses of different hotels and places I visited and a daily journal. I thought it was for my safety until I received a visit from Turkish intelligence and police to my hotel. I was also instructed to establish my own relationship with IHH (Turkish aid organization) in Gaziantep and check out the situation at the border. I did the aid work and followed all instructions and came back to Melbourne and then still remained covert for a few years until a fall out happened and I carried that I was not sent on a mission for Australia, rather it was an entrapment attempt. Now I’m speaking out and putting my life on the line so the average person can know the Reese’s make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt.


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