Red dead prevention shirt

Red dead prevention shirt



No, it doesn’t, it just means you are too lazy to research it or in the case of a liberal, dismiss it as a lie because it does not fit their narrative. Like I said I witnessed it personally from people from Ghana and Mexico. They were quite pleased they could register and vote, no questions asked. I still stand by my more people registered than residents. How about that lady, democrat, who is sitting in prison because she was convicted of 6 counts of voter fraud. I forget her name but it’s easy enough to look up. Awe, did I trigger you, little man? I’ll bet you are one of those anti-gun nuts who would cry at the sight of one. Am I right? Then that explains why you are only a 1/2 man who supposedly is so compassionate and believes in diversity. I read that long-winded shit you wrote on your FB. You are a wimp, nothing but a sissy boy. That was written in Dec. 2019, you were sissy crying then, about what a criminal Trump is and he is in league with the Russians and the Republicans do not care. How did that work out for you? I guess not very well, huh, sissy boy? Speaking of working out, how did that impeachment thing work out? Guess those SOURCES just didn’t deliver, did they? Take it easy, don’t cry now. You are entitled to your warped opinions and I am entitled to be right. Where’s your evidence where is your proof? All you guys do is Repeat after Trump, even though he voted by mail he says America can’t be trusted! Of course, there’s not one iota of proof of any fraud from mail-in votes though there’s plenty of fraud going on with the Red dead prevention shirt tossing out people who voted for Democrats! Stop spreading lies because nobody believes your BS. Voting by mail works just fine here in Washington state. Your mention of voter ID laws suggests you think there is rampant fraud in this way of voting. There isn’t. And if you hop back in claiming there is, will you provide, um, proof? I’m sure they already have a photo ID they already use to cash their checks. Democrats have always used the excuse of disenfranchising minorities, but what they are really saying is, it would make it harder for them to cheat.


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