Real heroes don’t wear capes they sew shirt

Real heroes don’t wear capes they sew shirt



Oh, so jails don’t have the Real heroes don’t wear capes they sew shirt? And For people struggling to rebuild their lives after conviction or incarceration, returning to jail for a minor infraction can be profoundly destabilizing. The national data do not exist to say exactly how many people are in jail because of probation or parole violations or detainers, but initial evidence shows that these account for over one-third of some jail populations. This problem is not limited to local jails, either; in 2019, the Council of State Governments found that 1 in 4 people in state prisons are incarcerated as a result of supervision violations. Do you want to release people that have committed a crime? That’s a ridiculous “solution” to a huge problem. Let’s fix the jail and prison systems, not release convicted inmates. You like twisting words, don’t you? Is that the only way you feel you can have a part in a conversation? That isn’t true, I think triple murders probably deserve to die in prison. but there are some people who probably shouldn’t such as those who are innocent and don’t have the money to bail out and defend themselves. I had a patient who held up a store with an empty gun just so he could get back into prison and have health care. he was in kidney failure and had aided in the 1980s before there was a treatment. he was dying and didn’t want to die on the street. people do a lot of things to survive that most of us can’t even imagine. That’s what it’s going to turn into. Serial killers released so they don’t catch COVID, but then watch the bodies fall because they’re out doing what they do. Then everyone will wonder why the crime rates are sky-high. This is 100% BS. That is not going to happen. This is a total erroneous belief with no substance. Those released will have been computed based on a series of evaluations of danger to the community. Serial killers in for life sentences will never be released.


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