Real cars don’t power the front wheels they lift them shirt



FOX is becoming an embarrassment. All-day yesterday and last night they had on Dems spouting lie after lie without challenge and allowed them to yell and talk over every host and guest. They allow them more time than the other side and interrupt them less. If we want to watch CNN then we would be on another channel. Bring all our boys home. Just fire a missile from a safe zone into the squalid rubble and caves every few hours and let that be the reckoning the unholy rabble deserves. Allison Abrishami please don’t mention God together with these superficial non-emphatic money-loving creatures. They are a disgrace to society. How a woman can support that cheating misogynist is beyond belief. You people are acting against your own interests. The consequences of any military action are always grave. While peace is being sought to the seemingly endless crisis in the region, steps should be taken to check civilian casualties. Look, the Kurds have stood with us in the literal battle for over 20 years against terrorists who would love nothing more than to destroy America. They’ve proven themselves over and over again on the front lines right with our soldiers. This is a visceral betrayal and allows Isis to regroup. If these were Americans that were killed, I have a feeling your comment would be different. You really need to wake up. Blood testy weapons of mass destruction been showcased. Dictatorship kind of leaders sitting on their office desk, watching the live scene of their weapons massacring creatures and then they laugh and toast about it. Leadership climate change around the Real cars don’t power the front wheels they lift them shirt, ever since Trump was elected is far dangerous than global warming.


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