Real ass mom give af bout a baby daddy shirt

Real ass mom give af bout a baby daddy shirt



I know the sheriff in San Jose is working on releasing inmates, nonviolent to homes with ankle bracelets, or close to finishing their time. It IS complex, however not everyone in jail is there for more than being poor, brown, or black! She has also acted to sanitize, social distance, and move forward to protect or release the inmates and staff- still more to do however she is acting actively and with mercy. Just to encourage America- there are good leaders! If they are in a cell it’s no different than shelter in place for some with small apartments or rooms they rent on the outside. Wash your hands and stay put. Wipe down and sanitized shared areas and limit shared area use to the appropriate amount of people to be able to socially distance themselves. They are in there as a Real ass mom give af bout a baby daddy shirt. It’s not supposed to be fun, convenient, or easy. They can take measures to keep just as safe if not safer than the rest of us. Christopher Steele ok I’m not going to argue with you but I do know. My BIL is a correction officer, I have also been in prisons for classes I have taken. I am aware of how it works. It can be done. In Montgomery County press conferences they announce the ones who are infected and moved to isolation. They announce the ones who came into contact with them and are moved to isolation and whether or not they are showing symptoms. Same thing as what’s happening in nursing homes, hospitals, and the general public. But before the ACLU existed, was there a system of inequality based on race? Like did certain races get privileges? Or did the ACLU just appear one day and start making things up? Legalizing marijuana is necessary but we need reforms. We need to execute all violent criminals upon conviction and all career criminals. We have the technology now, let’s use it and get rid of really bad criminals.


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