Rammstein Baby Yoda shirt

Rammstein Baby Yoda shirt



Leslie Peterson Try not making up lies about women. Your lie that “all women who abort are irresponsible sluts” is getting old. The typical woman who aborts is poor, already has children and was using birth control that failed. They don’t fit your hateful agenda, do they? You make up lies about women who abort because it makes it easier to hate them. Internalized misogyny must be one helluva drug. Leslie Peterson, I’m all for (sensitive, responsible) sex education programs in the Rammstein Baby Yoda shirt as well as birth control. A group of ultra-conservative parents in my community raised hell and tried to get the sex education program dropped. Happily, they didn’t prevail. Leslie Peterson Well a pediatrician — yes, PEDIATRICIAN! in a clinic where I worked sent me an 11-year-old CHILD who was pregnant after having been raped repeatedly by a member of her family. Now she and her mother had some tough decisions to make about what to do. I’m afraid I failed to lecture her about how she should have been using condoms, the pill, a diaphragm, ‘or simply abstaining.’ You don’t seem to realize that not everyone is in such an ideal situation as you and I are. A little compassion, or real-world experience, might be of help. Beverly Stockton probably the whole point of this. When the economy can’t meet the demands of employment more look to going into the service as an option. And before I get attacked yes there are those who enlist for altruistic reasons, but many go in for the benefits and pay. The other flip of the coin is preserving a race. Is there a higher incidence of Caucasians getting abortions in comparison to other races. Maybe that’s what all of this, Even the birth control issue is really about. The fear of what once was the majority becoming the minority.


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