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Jay Jones, That is exactly what Biden did, are you not able to comprehend that fact? The president can ASK any foreign government to look into the dealings of a US citizen in that country. ASK, not threaten as Biden did. I supported you for President when you ran but God saw fit to have you lose the election. You and Paul Ryan were traitors when Trump won and you are still a traitor. You will never get my vote again. Robin Leek Oh yes there is a God! I also have lost loved ones to cancer and many other things! But there is a God and you can count on that! There are a God and a heaven and a hell! What you choose is up to you! Shane Williams Romney might know more about being a politician than Trump, but the last 30 years of politicians are exactly why Trump was elected. We are tired of people running their mouth and just serving themselves, Trump actually is doing what he says he will do and the Rambo Sylvester Stallone shirt is better for it. Democrats just need to get out of the way. Jay Kohn trump is the one serving himself, and if you can’t see that, your blind.doing what he says? Is Mexico paying for the wall? Where’s the beautiful healthcare? Your really something Jay, now go back under your rock. He says that because he is involved in dealings with Biden in Ukraine. this is one of the things that I’m hoping we’ll expose. Nick Orabona and sadly his constituents are ALL republican in name only. I can’t see how they can constantly vote this guy who has absolutely no conservative values. Why don’t they register and vote democrat? Utah must b fuked in the head.


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