Quarantinin and chillin with my Gnomies shirt

Quarantinin and chillin with my Gnomies shirt



Lynch, please stop. Your compassion is false. I notice that you do not answer who you will save. You do not actually value people I’m afraid. You choose to save the life of one who has done wrong at the cost of one who has done right. The Bible is all about the Quarantinin and chillin with my Gnomies shirt for doing right and punishment for doing wrong. If doing wrong is rewarded then you do not teach them to do right. That is compassion. It can be hard, it can not, perhaps, even be given by the weak. To kill the innocent to save the wrong, is there any value in that? Is that really valuing human life? Or is it a form of fear? I think you missed a few things from my last comment. It’s understandable but I would recommend checking out the following page to understand why I didn’t answer your question. Mike Lynch, you are rationalizing. It’s not a red herring, it’s just a straight analogy to bring your position into a stark picture. If every test represents life or death, which it does to most people, AND there are limited tests. Which there are. Then it is a choice of does the person who is here legally or one who broke at least one law to be here illegally benefit? If you were saying that you’d give your test away to another… I support you. But you are literally saying take one away from another. I see no justice in that, no compassion, no value of life, I see no right in that. Steve, if you don’t understand why fiction isn’t relevant to nonfiction, there’s not much I can do there. But if you truly trust in your grasp of theology, how about this: find one verse where the Bible talks about treating immigrants and “strangers in your land” worse than you would your own neighbors. We both know the answer to this.


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