Quarantined with kids has been purhell 2020 shirt

Quarantined with kids has been purhell 2020 shirt



Mike Moore since we don’t have test kits we can not identify a cluster and isolate only those people. Since there are not enough masks and gowns we will soon have a lot of health care providers sick. We don’t have enough respirators for the coming surge. It seems obvious that if the money goes to families and communities it will be spent promptly and corporate America will get it all soon enough. The Federal government derives its authority for isolation and quarantine from the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution (thus it’s not Federally unconstitutional). Individual states also have laws to enforce isolation and quarantine that may vary state by state. (Thus it doesn’t violate any state constitutions). I would like the ACLU to say something about whether Shelter in Place is constitutional – i.e First amendment right to freedom of assembly. At least raise the Quarantined with kids has been purhell 2020 shirt – this acceptance of removing all individual rights is troubling and seems no one cares. At the best show that someone is tracking this and questioning it – there isn’t even an exit plan – its totally open-ended. I mention safety to show it is an absurd concept to limit basic freedoms over perceived safety. “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety” Benjamin Franklin. Richard Husek bit of pot calling the kettle black to prove your inability to make a viable point. It’s nothing to do with “wanting to feel safe” and everything to do with the medical necessity to stop the spread of a dangerous and potentially life-threatening virus. You are what the educated community calls willfully ignorant. Your rights do not trump the country’s need to prevent rising death tolls.


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