Purranormal cativity shirt



I’m sorry but I must speak from the minority thought. I am a retired police officer that is anti-death penalty. And as a Christian, I believe that “Vengeance is mine says the Lord.” It disturbs me to read comments such as “I hope it was slow and painful.”
Does that make you any better than he who was executed for his crime? Does it make you feel better about yourself? I’m not condoning nor excusing his crime. Rather I will pray for his soul and those of his Purranormal cativity shirt. At the final judgement may God have mercy on us all. If he is smart enough to use that as a defense then that in of itself is enough to throw his defense out. But leave that aside, really doesn’t matter if he was, an evil act was done and you have to pay whether or not you knew or didn’t know any better. Should have hanged him in public. The people he killed weren’t spared any mercy! Lethal injection is a joke! Put him to sleep and then administer the lethal dose of poison? But any execution is better than nothing! This monster had no reason at all whatsoever, including mental health issues, to go on living life. He was beyond garbage! Tracy Adams So do you also agree that a man, such as myself, can do as I please no matter how heinous. Then beg for forgiveness, and take “him” as my savior and end up in your so-called heaven. You’re a joke.


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