punch me in the face I need to feel alive shirt

punch me in the face I need to feel alive shirt



Fernando Maldonado blah blah blah bulls*#t lol if you are going to lie you need to stick to people who don’t know you are lying. Here is a couple of facts though. Since you seldom see or use them, this might be exciting for you.
Cuomo has told paramedics that if the patient has no heartbeat or loses it, to stop working on them. And universal does DNR orders are under consideration, maybe in force now. If you start to have problems, they will not save you. Thank you to the ACLU for making sure this frightening situation isn’t ignored. This could turn into what amounts to a massacre of innocent people. It doesn’t help anyone to keep people penned up in a situation where the virus will spread quickly and could kill many. But there’s less coronavirus in Latin America than in the US. It’s safer there. Do you want these people to get coronavirus? Plus, there’s no work here for these people. We’re all unemployed now. Citizens are going to have first dibs on work when it becomes available. My biggest fear for these people (past being incarcerated at all – I am so opposed to this BS) is when too many ICE officers are too sick to come to work & the facilities are eventually abandoned & those people die like animals in cages. The universe loves you unconditionally and you can be or do or have anything once you believe in the manifestation process of the universe intelligence. So light the fire of strong self-belief and faith of the universe and the divine intelligence then you can be a living magnet. ICE Officers are testing positive, as mentioned in the punch me in the face I need to feel alive shirt. ICE as an organization has a responsibility to the officers and the detained not to let an outbreak occur at the detention centers.


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