Privilege shirt

Privilege shirt



Renae Dutkowski totally agrees. They would only collect DNA for illegals that are detained. They take the DNA of US citizens when we are detained. Why isn’t ACLU fighting to stop DNA collection if US citizens then? They want all the benefits of a citizen but why should they run in our country freely but not have their DNA collected when they could commit a crime just like anyone of us? If they haven’t done, wrong then who cares. The Privilege shirt can have my DNA I have nothing to hide. Tammy Russell, I have no problem with DNA collection I think it should be collected from everyone, quite frankly, and stored in a national database. To my mind, that’s no different from fingerprinting children and assigning Social Security numbers to them. Such measures save lives and reduce suffering. If Renae and Tammy want to bend over like good little compliant sheep for their government, let them move to some fucking banana republic. When your insurance agency starts jacking up your rates based on your fast food eating habits, you’ll be crying crocodile tears trying to figure out how they found out all while they playback video streams they bought from database marketers selling facial recognition streams. You may be ok with giving up your liberties and constitutionally protected right to privacy like a giant asshat but I’m not. Nobody gives a fuck whether or not *you’re* ok with being stupid with your rights.


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