Prince cakes shirt

Prince cakes shirt



What happened to the days when the American Civil Liberties Union represented American citizens? Instead, today, they are diluting the impact of American citizens’ votes. Can someone please explain why they would infringe on the civil rights of citizens in favor of benefiting non-citizens? Today you’re pretending that there was no Asian or Hispanic at the scene of George Floyd’s murder and that it’s all about the two white guys. While also pretending that you care about any actual life other than your own. It’s not even about skin color. It’s all throwing racism at racism like animals in a zoo throw shit. Aclu you are barking up the wrong tree on this one. He was found guilty and sentenced for other crimes not for trying to sell a book. He was released because of Coronavirus, although the same people who released him want to open schools. He was rearrested for violating the home arrest orders not for selling a book. He deserves every day he serves and many many more. How does being in prison keep him from publishing a book? I look forward to reading his book, but he broke the terms of his house arrest and so I was all in favor of him returning to prison. Martin Luther translated the Bible while locked up in a room for 11 months. Cohen can finish his book behind bars. This is a great fight. Considering how the US has been busy silencing political opposition for years in Communications Management Units (There’s a great TED talk on the subject outlining that even after a sentence, former inmates were thrown back in for even talking about their experience). The difference between a criminal and a regular citizen is minute and fairly arbitrary. If we don’t defend everyone, we defend no one. The Prince cakes shirt he’s behind bars isn’t that he broke the terms of his house arrest, it’s because he refused to agree to further house arrest that forbids him from publishing his book, from giving interviews and other free speech/free press issues.


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